Video Gallery

“Joyful Hearts! What is Joy?” Video shown in 2024

“What is Joy? Sacred Heart Sisters Serving Families and Children” Video shown in 2024

Gentlemen’s Haberdashery Memory Slide Show shown at 2024 event

Sacred Heart Kids’ Club singing 2024

42nd Gentlemen’s Haberdashery
Welcome, Prayers & Pledge!

2024 Fashion Show


Videos Shown in 2023


Video Shown in 2022


Video Shown in 2019


Video Shown in 2018

Featured Retailers

Boot Barn | GARYS | J.Hilburn 

St Croix  |  Toes on the Nose


Video Shown in 2017

Featured Retailers

At Ease | GARYS | J.Hilburn | St Croix

Toes on the Nose


Video Shown in 2016


Video Shown in 2015